A Creative Solution For A Medical Problem Brain To Doctor

Our Mission

B2D Brain To Doctor. Providing a mobile EEG observation system especially for epilepsy patients by terminating their long term dependency to hospitals as well as alerting the patient’s relatives and doctor in case of a possible epileptic attack.

Our Vision

Becoming an esteemed and trustable brand in global medical market by always considering user friendliness, mobility and customizability.


B2D enables product utilisation regardless of the location of the users and prevents them from getting stuck in the hospitals or clinics. Their doctors will receive information of their patients instantly thanks to B2D.


Users can have their personalised headsets according to their orders. It can be either for their personal interests or the stage/case of their disease. Our headsets range from barrels to summer hats.


B2D has its own interface which has no complexities so that everyone can easily access to information on the application. In case of any questions, our team is going to answer them online as well.


    B2D provides day long EEG tracking and diagnostic evaluation by this way the patients do not feel alone or desperate. In case of an epileptic seizure, the doctor and the relatives of the patients will be alerted. Hence, user’s relatives do not wrapped up in them.

    In case of an emergency, as they are informed, first intervention can be done as soon as possible. Because, it is possible to examine the EEG signals at any time anywhere without any doubts. In addition, patient can be examined at any time and place as long as he/she uses our product.

    B2D is designed to beat the concerns of being lonely in case of a seizure or waiting in the hospitals for hours to have a check up!


    B2D offers instantaneous diagnostic opportunities for either doctors or clinic workers. As the data is loaded to servers from the B2D products, it is possible reach all patients’ classified EEG data (according to date, time and epileptic activity evaluation results) at any time and place, without the need of hospital visits of patients.

    Besides, it is possible for clinics to control all patients in society and to be informed about the seizures as soon as possible as they are in-patient. In addition, B2D software can be used as an epileptic evaluation software which can evaluate any pre-recorded EEG data and label the epileptic portions.B2D is designed to empower the doctors and clinics by providing diagnose opportunity in daily life without the need of patients’ hospital visits!

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  • What Is B2D?

    Day-long Mobile EEG Tracking. Real Time Epilepsy Detection. Seizure Notification for Doctors and Patient’s Relatives. Access to EEG Data from mobile phone (from Doctor/Clinic Accounts). Static Data Diagnosis.

    How It Works?

    Brain activity tracking by 3 Channel EEG. Wireless communication with main processor unit. Data upload to servers. Detection of unexpected brain activity . Evaluation of detected unexpected portions. Notifications are sent when epileptic activity is detected.


    3 Gold Cup EEG Electrodes for tracking. Day Long Battery Life. Wireless and Mobile Headset. Simultaneous Data Evaluation for Epileptic Seizures. Server based data access and storage.

  • Easy To Use

    No assembly required, just wear the headset! Patients add doctors from your mobile phone with one click and turn the device on to start! Doctors can reach the patient information and data just from their mobile phones.


    High quality cap, beret and headband options for four seasons. Customizable design. Ergonomic design for day long usage. No need of battery change in a day.


    Evaluation algorithm developed with doctors. Optimized headset design for high accuracy and precision! Data privacy is our must!

We're "Team7" / what we do?

  • Team Member


    CEO / EE

    A senior year student in Bilkent Electrical & Electronics Engineering. He is the CEO of the company and founder of the product B2D.

    Team Member


    Hardware Manager / EE

    A senior year student in Bilkent Electrical Engineering. He is the Hardware Manager and Financial Manager of Diaware Medical Solutions

    Team Member


    Project Manager / EE

    Senior student in Bilkent Electrical & Electronics Engineering. He is the Project Manager and Hardware Co-Manager of Diaware Medical Solutions.

  • Team Member


    Software Manager / CS

    Senior student in Bilkent Computer Science. He is the Software Manager of Diaware Medical Solutions.

    Team Member


    SW&Graphic Designer / CS

    Senior student in Bilkent Computer Science. She is the Software and Graphic Designer of Diaware Medical Solutions.

    Team Member


    Business Planner / IE

    A Senior year industrial engineering student at Bilkent University. She is responsible from the quality/business plan/configuration management within the company.

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